Sak Saum Wholesale

Srey Phoa

A basic tee with a twist, an adjustable tube on the sleeve gives you variety in how you wear this shirt. Wear it on your shoulder, pull it forward or backwards, a new shirt wherever it’s placed.

Stretch Jersey Cotton

Chest: S/M 20    L/XL 24.75

Length S/M 25     L/XL 26

Arm Width S/M 7.5     L/XL 8.5

Price Change

Sak Saum is committed to providing our Wholesale Partners and retail customers with the very best quality and value! We have reviewed all of our production costs in Cambodia and in order to continue sustainably, we need to increase our prices. We have seen cost increases in import taxes, shipping, salaries in Cambodia, fabric and all supplies. We understand that many of our wholesale partners also operate on slim margins, so we have increased retail prices to coincide with this increase in order for our partners to be able to continue selling our products to their customers and sharing our story. This price increase will be effective March 6, 2018.